Friday, March 29, 2013

From Jörg Sprave for Jörg Sprave

My name isn't very common in Germany. But I do have exactly one name cousin - a guy whom I never met. As far as I know, we are not even related. But he hasn't anything to do with slingshots, that much is clear.

I have a monster footprint on the web. The other Jörg does not. I have thought quite often about him, poor fellow must have gotten so many remarks and messages because of me.

He wrote me a message lately. A fan sent him a slingshot that was obviously meant for me! He asked for my address so he can forward the parcel. Nice!

I wrote him back, apologized for the hazzle, and expressed my general sympathy for the many other misunderstandings I might have caused. He said no problem! So I promised him a hand made slingshot. He was elated, and even asked me to sign it!

So I made a slingshot from Jörg Sprave for Jörg Sprave. Slightly spalted, well grained birch scales on a 19mm multiplex core. Linseed oil finish. Hand Mortar design (I know I gave this to Cold Steel, but for non commercial use I think that is still OK).

I will band this up with a nice target band set, ideally suited for beginners, and I will add some ammo, too. Who knows, maybe soon we will have TWO Jörg Spraves that shoot slingshots!


  1. Thanking you for this blog owner i will visit again

    live samachar

  2. Hello Mr Jörg Sprave, I have recently begun watching your video's on youtube after purchasing my first 2 slingshots and have been enjoying your video's and polite enthusiasm on this hobby very much, I have justnenquired about the bronze hammer where you showed us how you make them in Shefiled and decided to buy one! I also decided to get the dankung panther....which led me to watch your final video where you said you could not make them anymore due to other peoples comments, i felt a bit down as I was ejoying them very much!
    Well I'm very glad you have decided to continue this blog which I will follow with interest!
    Thank you and please keep up your work for us to read and see! I would love to be able to add to the panther as you have!


  3. Hello Joerg always watch your videos, just purchase one of his works done by Milbro a moorhammer made ​​in bronze, gold Theraband put 3 strips each side with 2.3 cm each, I would like your guidance, there is some secret about the leather? using moorhammer would like RTS problem if it is too big?

  4. Hi,Joerg i & my friend love your youtube channel & blog,we are tunned all the weeks.....good woork be on the way please.

    Saludos Yago Lopez.

  5. Thanks for all the nice slingshots that you make can you make a tutorial for 'the V' ?

  6. Hey, joerg I have been a regular video watcher of yours and you have got me making amd shooting my own slingshots and have been wondering what is the best plywood to use
    Cheers Tony

  7. I love all your slingshots but love the metal 1s better