Monday, April 1, 2013

At last. A pump gun slingshot tutorial.

So many people wanted blueprints and tuts for my pump actions.

But of course the Oreo one is useless, and the cardboard one is flimsy and weak.

So I decided to make a really nice one that shoots M10 hexnuts. Those are very cheap (I buy 100 pcs for five Euros), last forever, and have the right weight. About 10 gramms is ideal for a pump gun, as draw length and weight is limited if you want to be able to fire quickly. I made one a long time ago for 20mm steel balls, but those are too heavy, three time as much as the M10 hexnuts.

Also the weapon is pretty thin, just under 30 mm wide and 80 cm long.

The magazine fits 40 rounds!

The mechanism is really the same as for the Oreo shooter - but I put in a rare earth magnet to hold the "active" nut in place. Nice, you hear a clicking noise when you repeat, and then you know everything's fine.

I have a set of blueprints and also a private how to video online:
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  1. Slingshot Boy 2000April 1, 2013 at 5:08 PM

    Great pump gun, I am surprised how much power it has, and the accuracy, would it work with the steel ammo you normally use?

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  3. Hey man, this is the first video I've seen of yours (found through Reddit). You have an EXCELLENT personality for videos man! I definitely hope you get the part in the second season of that Zombie Show!

    I would like to hunt small game with powerful slingshots (I have the proper license in my state to do so). Your blog is a treasure trove of ideas. Thank you so much :)

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  5. I just discovered your plan for the hex nut shooter...EXCELLENT, and thanks for posting it.
    I am gathering the plywood needed now to build it.
    I will let you know how I make out.
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  6. is this a separate forum to the forum linked from because it wont allow me to log in with those details and it wont allow me to create a new account for this forum (if it is a different one) either. whats going on? how do i access the blueprints?

  7. I dont know how to acces the blueprints and i want it so much qwq. And i think it will be better for the magazine if you use a wooden cap with a hinge and tether so its easier to use. And you can reload making a magazine filler of wood so you put all the hexanuts in 2 secconds. I have some ideas for that but i cant explain it like this xD pleaaase give me the blueprints and when i make the reloader i send you the blueprints and a show up video of it feature

  8. Ich brauche bitte die Pläne der Pump Gun.
    Am besten als PDF.
    Weil ich finde die nirgengwo.