Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mini Magazine Shooter

The spring has come. Once again we can spend some time outdoors!

Of course one must ALWAYS have a slingshot around. But on a Sunday morning walk with the family, a bulky Moorhammer isn't appropriate. So I always carry a mini slingshot.

Ammo is another concern. I actually loved LW's magazine idea

See his original model

so much that I decided to make another mini, with that mag design included.

5 rounds of 8mm steel! Held in place by a 3mm neodyme. Orange Osage on 9mm multiplex, finished in Linseed.

I put on very short bands, just 10cm active length. Kept the bands a bit wider so the 8mm still have decent power.


  1. What about the idea to make a lever action slinshot pistol?

  2. Awesome Slingshot! Love the idea and how compact it is! This is not complete without a tutorial =D