Saturday, April 27, 2013

RUB15 homemade crossbow upper receiver for M16 / AR-15

Here are the first pictures of the build...

Will do a pure arrow shooter first, just to learn what works and what doesn't.

Removed the upper receiver and also the trigger/hammer assembly. Then I made a base plate from 18mm multiplex. Added a trigger and my usual lock, used a nail that I can bend into shape.

The lock works like a charm!

I will use two 16mm steel tubes as "barrel" and "rail" parts. The draw is 100% inline with the rails. I plan to make a cocking slide for fast action. This crossbow will be quick.

No changes to the original M16A1.


  1. By jazztuss, it looks cool ! I'm looking forward to the Video! By the way, Joerg, I couldn't reply or post things on your forum since the other day. Could I ask you for some help?

  2. hi Joerg, will this be possible without the rifle parts? I have no guns like that, nor will I anytime soon.