Monday, April 29, 2013

Zombie Go Boom Cooperation

I have been a follower of the Zombie Go Boom guys for a long time. Gotta love Zombie destruction tests!

Their heads have been getting better and better - the current iteration is really getting there.

Gorgeous, won't rot, simulate flesh, skin, blood, and bone - just amazing!

They sent me two of these and I tested the first one. Commercial slingshot didn't do much damage (if any). Homemade one, lots better.


  1. By jazztuss. I've seen your cool video, and the zombie 's skull is so delicate !and I like the mess of killing it !
    By the way Joerg, I couldn't post things on your forum these days. Could I ask for some help? My username is Jazztuss

  2. Jazztuss, did you notice that the forum has moved? is the new forum.

  3. By jazztuss. Oh, yes.I know that ,and I can post threads now,but on the bottom of the forum, it says "forum contains no new posts"!?

  4. Wow! Of all of your slo-mo videos that I have enjoyed watching, this was the best! That was amazing :D

    I wonder if you could use your decapitating (witch) slingshot on the remainder of the head?

    Thanks and all the best,