Wednesday, May 1, 2013

RUB-15 - first shooting setup

Have been working on it some more. Made an encapsulated front part, for silencing and rubber protection purposes.

I still have to attach brushes to the front and back holes, but it already is very quiet. I also might include a band heating system.

Equipped with 3,1cm x 3,1cm bands (four strips per side), it shoots the 40 gramm aluminum arrow with mighty force. The field tips penetrate about 3cm into massive oak panels. The field tip is pushed down the shaft in the process.

As happy as I am with the functionality, as unhappy am I about the looks. Boxy, clumsy, foolish. Back to the drawig board.


  1. if you rounded the corners on the muzzle end and concealed the arrow fletchings, you would not really know what would be coming out of it until you see the rear end of an arrow sticking out of your chest.

  2. Nice! I wonder or is this stupid, but in that box there is a room for more rubber. Why not to make same kind system like in the bullup-version, where rubber was going to the front and then to the back. The box could be even smaller. That is nice anyway! I don't care about the looks, just functionality. Please shoot with it quickly.

    a Fan from Finland