Friday, May 10, 2013

Toilet Brush Full Auto: First pics

I am working on the full auto version of the toilet brush shooter.

I want the same performance (excellent!), but I want four of these deadly cleaning items sent downrange in under one second.

This is basically a supersized version of my pistol dart shooter, just with only four rounds instead of eight (due to size restraints). I also had to employ a battery drill instead of a power screwdriver, the heavy parts need more momentum.

I first tried a more compact "fork wheel", but a misfiring occured and the toilet brush blew the 18mm plywood away. So I made a much larger wheel and had to adapt the frame accordingly.

I only attached one band set so far, more tests tomorrow. 


  1. This looks awesome! There's only one thing a toilet brush launcher should be aiming at though - argh! Haha :D I wonder if it could break through the ceramic or at least the lid of a toilet?

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