Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ram-bone from Texas persimmon natural

Seems that whenever I come up with a new design, I always have to make a natural before my mind can refocus. The Ram-bone is at a stage where a natural was inevitable. 

I still had one fork left from the four Texas parsimmon shipment John sent me a few months ago. It was cracked and also one of the branches was dead, rotten dark. So I was a bit afraid if it was possible to salvage it.

I had to carefully choose the cuts in order to not run into the deep crack that ran all the way through the dead branch and trunk.

I wanted to integrate a part of the dead wood simply because of the color. This forced me to make the handle a little fatter, but less deep. You have to do that when working on naturals - making the best out of the shape nature provided.

It came out real nice!


  1. What tool do you use for these works? Very nice as always.

  2. Love that design,do you have any pdf shape?

  3. wonderbar !!

    nice finishing

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