Sunday, May 12, 2013

RUB-15: First "Upper Slingshot Receiver" finished

Even though I am not happy with the looks, the thing works too good to be thrown away... so I painted it black and attached a scope mount. I used a cheapo red dot.

I think I will make several other uppers, now that I know how this works.


  1. wow! That looks like a assault rifle with a silencer.

    a fan from Finland

  2. What is seeraband?

  3. What did you use to make that nice black finish?

  4. Hey i heard you like challenges! Can you weponice a football and a clothinghanger+ some rope?
    Ps you fire arrows!

  5. I saw your video about the slingshot crossbow. Do you make them for sale? I would be interested in one. Please contact me at

  6. Joerg Sprave has non comercial interests, just to let you know.
    Does anyone know which treatment or finish he made for that clean-black look? could I guess its black spray?