Sunday, May 19, 2013

Greetings from sunny Gran Canaria!

No new video today, The Slingshot Channel is on vacation for  a week!


  1. Nice to know Joerg Sprave is in Canary Islands! I actually live in Tenerife, famous by having one of the biggest volcanoes in Europe (Teide) and also by all its different micro climates, each island is trully unique and different, hope you enjoy your visit!

  2. hey i know that you like zombies so see this tv show (the walking dead) the show is so cool

    1. Hello, I apologize in advance if I am not posting in the correct location, I can not find any more or less appropriate place to place my question..

      I am hoping to get some help locating a light weight 6 gram .68 Caliber or 17 MM ball for ammo, Something that might be hollow in the middle or solid but of a hard not easily breakable material and light weight. I have considered marbles but my concern is they will splinter and become extremely inaccurate or shatter before they connect with the target. A cast iron or solid ball would have to be of light weight material.

      I am thinking I have found a great blog with slingshotchannel and your guys experience. Any ideas as to where I can go to locate ammo of that caliber with out breaking the bank would be excellent