Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mini sling pistol

I had so much leftover plywood from the big projects that I decided to make a small, fun pistol.

Design is pretty standard, but for a more gun like look I turned the three layers of 9mm plywood into a round rod, then attached the handle and trigger guard (made from 18mm plywood).

It shoots pencils (see how nicely the muzzle fits? Epoxy, mixed with sawdust, and an oiled pencil made this work).

I made a "devilled pencil" with a nail. Some string (constrictor knot) stabilizes the tip. Works great!

A fun little toy to play and plink.


  1. YOU'RE THE MAN...

    Plans plans plans

    please please please LOL

  2. Joerg, what is your grandmother doing in Turkey?!?



  3. Joerg, can you pleas send me that pistole? I would put it to good use if you did.
    Devoted slingshot fan,
    Daniel Kaitel

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. In my deleted comment I asked how strong the rubber is. I deleted the comment only because soon after posting it I found the needed information - that its draw weight is 51 lbs. I explain this because people may think that in the deleted comment I said something negative about the pistol or something... It is not so, and I feel obliged to explain this.
    BTW nice work. I like it.