Monday, June 3, 2013

The German TV channel that will send a film team over to me on Friday/Saturday wants a potato cannon, just to have something interesting that isn't so warlike.

I want to shoot potatoes against a wall, against watermelons, and also test frozen ones, too. Should look cool on slomo!

The design is a bit like my cannon with winch, but this time I want a faster cocking method. Just a normal pull up slide!

I used the clamp method from the car sized cannon, but the trigger from my trusted old bone crushing crossbow. That trigger has the advantage of less play.

Effective draw length is 106 cm (total length 130 cm). I tested two full TBG bands per side, but then it is cockable only in the vise. But it holds! Normal shooting strength is one TBG band per side, still a nice 36 kg draw.

If you pull up the sled, it locks back automatically thanks to two hooks at the end.

The potatoes fly far, and fast. This hit against  a rock left a wet stain and some mashed potatoes, that is all :)

This cannon will need much work on the looks. I want to make a bazooka out of it, with a pistol grip. But it already is shooting nicely. 

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  1. By jazztuss.I love the lock machanisim!