Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Potato Bazooka Progress

Pretty much done! The final touches will be done when the film team is here, so there is some footage from the built.

Also, had a reporter from a huge German on/offline news magazine (Der Spiegel) here today, he wanted to see me shooting many different pieces of my arsenal. I actually had to prepare some of the older weapon, exchanging bands and so on.

Most impressive was the impact of the witch bazooka with the bayonet on a stick. It shot all the way through the 40mm (1.57") massive oak board... with a heavenly sweet sound, too.


  1. Hi Joerg
    Your canal and blog are awesome! I like slingshots, slings, bo and crossbows. Meele weapon too.

    Did you tried used potato bazooka with stones or clay ammo lika in a sling?


    ps.: sorry for my english