Saturday, July 13, 2013

New catchbox

My old catchbox is now beyond repair.

It lasted more than three years! Here is a pic from April 2010, when it was new.

Pretty nice, from solid steel. I sawed out the front and mounted the cutout to the back, as a reinforcement.

Here is it in July 2013, after countless hits and constant bombardments. Of course I hammered it back into shape many times in between.

So I made a new one! From 50mm wooden poles (2" by 2") and 18mm boards.

It has an angled bottom board so the balls roll into the box I specifically made for the thing. Very comfortable!

I use 1cm thick rubber stripes to catch the balls - this works great. Indestructable, silent, and strong. Some old T-shirts and an old door mat catch whatever energy is left after the rubber strips have done their job.

I also protected every face that is directed towards the shooter with that rubber.

It works like a charm! I do hope it will last as long as the old metal one...


  1. Amazing! Some tutorial? :)

  2. Hi Jörg!
    I would like to ask you if you tried to shoot to the rubber covered part facing toward you (on the sides)? I bet the projectile bounces back exciting speed!
    Your fan'

  3. make an x acto knife slingshot

  4. Hello was just curious if you sell any of your slingshots?

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