Tuesday, July 23, 2013

RAM-Bone - more pics

The tool makers have finished their job. Here are some pics. First real samples should be ready when I return from my US trip (next week). Here is the technical drawing:

Some more ray traced pics:

This will be a great product. Inexpensive, durable, highly ergonomic and versatile in terms of bands.


  1. Wow,that looks good. What kind of material, ABS plastic?

  2. where is everyone. has the site been moved?

  3. Sieht hammer aus...Ich fände es mal toll ein Video auf YT von dir auf Deutsch zu sehen.

  4. hello Joerg! I want to get in contact with you, sorry for trying so hard. but i think its worth it

    Please get back to me georg @ Kollektivetlivet.se

    PLease, I have an idea...

  5. This is very nice! The wooden one too, of course.
    Any ideas on price yet? Where would they be available?

  6. They are available right here in Europe

    And right here in North America:

  7. Thanks a lot, Jacob, I kept checking this post regularly, to see if there was any answer!

  8. I can not get a Rambone anywhere in the states. I want one. Hook a brother up. uncowboy @ Comcast . net

  9. I recently received my "Rambone" and truly love its design. It's such a great slingshot, the feel in my hand is fantastic and without much tension either when the bands are drawn to maximum. I just wished I would had this one back in my youth.