Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sculpted German Walnut

I have a very old walnut tree in my garden. It still gives us many walnuts, but it also has several dead limbs. So I took my trusted chain saw sword and cut one of them off.

It must have been dead for a looong time, bone dry and with lots of growth on the bark.

Stripped the bark of and applied the outlines - a narrowed version of the Hand Mortar design.

I cut the frame out and did the file- and sanding work.

The marrow was brittle, I removed it and filled the holes with epoxy+sawdust.

Here is the piece oiled and sanded (80 grit), awaiting the polyurethane coating (I always like to do that on pieces that are as old as this one).

Will post some pics from the final finish, as soon as the coatings are done.


  1. how do you do varnish coating?

  2. You are so awesome Jörg i w2ish i had one of your slingshots cuz im comming to Germany this year (every year cuz we are driving to austria but we are staying in germany this year) and you are SOOOOO AWESOOOME!!!!!

  3. I'm not sure how to contact you but thought I'd leave a comment and see what happens. I work with Students in the United states and during our summer activities we use a ton of water balloon launchers, but we always brake them and they eventually just seem a little lame. I was wondering if you might have something in mind to make launching water balloons upon students epic.

    1. Mix cornstarch with the water to solidify the balloons and shoot it at the students

  4. Hi Joerg, awesome is the right word for you and your work! You understand, that you have a mission and you give us - your fans - everytime a proof of it, that your are the sole mother of slingshooting. I wish you all the power you need to hit your beliefs and inventions. I cannot wait see the final finish and will still stay by channel. Best greetings and many thanks from Berlin (the capital city)