Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A beauty, rescued from the dead

Found this frame on a Sunday morning walk through the woods. Good that I always carry a foldable saw with me!

It was a dead tree, already started to wither a bit. But it felt solid.

I did not expect much when I started to work on it, but then I discovered that there was a layer of pink underneath the bark! When I polished the fork, it turned out that the grain is just beautiful. Very dark brown around the knobs, in some places almost white and of course the pink...

I did NOT tint it, this is the natural color. I only used clear poly to protect it and to bring out this "wet" look.

Isn't it amazing that dead wood, when harvested just on time, often has the nicest grain?

A great shooter, banded it up with very light target bands - it is strong enough for serious bands, too.

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