Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oak burlwood shooter

I could not resist and bought an Oak board on ebay, because it looked special. 9 Euros.

But when it arrived, I noticed that it was fairly thin (20 mm) and full of gaps and cracks. Well, this gnarled ancient wood often is.

So I cut out two frames, then clamped them together and drilled holes from the fork ends and the bottom. Then I opened the two halves and inserted a welded "Y" made from 8 mm threaded rod. Then I glued the three parts together.

But the work only started at that point. It took me three days to close the cracks and gaps with epoxy! I can't remember when I had to spend so much time with just one frame.

The result is quite pleasing, though. It is now absolutely smooth, and all I did is I lightly oiled and polished the frame. Put on a strong set of Thera Gold, matches the pale color of the oak.

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