Sunday, March 20, 2011

Easter Special: Egg Launcher

The western world is getting into Easter mode right now. The stores are in full decoration, the spring is coming with force.

It is time to do an "Easter Special" episode on The Slingshot Channel! We bring to you a slingshot that is made for shooting eggs.

Eggs need a special protective pouch, due to their fragility. The pouch used in the video was made from Kydex, a plastics material that you can form into any shape under heat. Once cooled, it will keep that shape. kydex is hard, and a handslap with the huge egg pouch would be very dangerous. Therefore, the "slingshot on a stick" method, invented by Boyntonstu from out of Florida, is employed.

The stick is over 180 cm long, an enormous draw. The heavy eggs reach tremendous speed (about 165 feet per second). The spectacular impact is shown in super slow motion, recorded at 1200 frames per second.

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