Sunday, March 13, 2011

XMas Tree Crossbow Design Evolution

The christmas tree crossbow shot so well that I decided to make a nicer weapon with the same concept.

So I made a side by side double shooter with steel levers, a steel system and a stainless steel "barrel" (16 mm tube).

The "fork" is very narrow as it has to be the same width as the two hooks for the ball+pouch, so the two shots are parallel.

The levers are held down by two rubber strings, quite effective, just like the christmas tree design.

Carved a stock from multiplex, dyed it with ink and oiled it with linseed oil.

This is a great shooter! Feels a bit odd at first to not have a trigger, but I got over that quickly.

Here is a little video about it:


  1. I do like this one, looks really good. Is it classed as a sling shot (double shot) or cross bow? What sort of velocity can you get from this type of weapon. I am thinking of this sort of thing for a hunting weapon for rabbits, maybe with a scope mounted somehow. Really like to see your ideas very inspiring.

  2. Hi I was wondering what the fork at the end looks like. Does the ammo fly over it?

  3. Joerg, for this type of design, what in your opinion is the minimum length for it to be as powerful or "almost" as powerful as the log version? I'd like to make one but would like to keep it at about 3 ft. long.