Monday, April 30, 2012

First pics from the MK2 Sawblade shooter

As I mentioned before, the Discovery Channel wants to film my saw blade shooter and asked for improvements.

Well, here it is - it shoots well! It is basically a clay pigeon shooter attached to a rifle stock.

The blade is held in place by a magnet. I found that the blade will drop to the left after each shot, but I solved that problem by attaching the throwing lever angled to the right. Now it shoots beautifully straight, with a nice spin!

The power house behind this is a very strong spring. 

This locks in place like a break barrel air rifle. It has a veeery simple, but functional trigger. Kicks like a mule!


  1. "The power house behind this is a very strong spring. " -----so where's the rubber (except for the strip for friction spinning)?
    I'm sure that like all of your devices, it will function very well, but I do miss the rubber. :)

  2. The trigger is also rubber operated.

    Here, a spring was the only proven way (from clay pigeon throwers) to get serious power. There is little time for experiments, the team will show up on Friday and I have lots of work in the office, too.

  3. I keep you fingers crossed. Shooter saw blades looks menacing, almost like a weapon from a horror movie.