Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Natural "inked" dogwood shooter

One more frame from the bunch of dogwood forks I harvested last year. This time, the fork was much smaller with less room for carving, and the fork was irregular with one arm thicker than the other one. 

I made a small, but distinctively "hammerhead handled" piece. It may not look like it, but the height over the head is the same as on the Hammerhead - it looks higher because of the width of the Hammerhead fork.

Dogwood is dense, heavy and strong, but very pale. Almost like bone. So I inked the frame with blue ink and repolished - I just love that blue look, like a satellite photo of an island group in the Carribean. 


  1. That is very well done. I expanded your photos to see in greater detail as this needed closer viewing. I really like how the ink adds to the grain. I especially liked how the ink was absorbed unevenly which adds to the overall shine and look of this very well polished frame. Inspirational, thank you.

  2. Hi Jorg,a quick question.I have some solid oak left ove from my flooring(not laminate)although the thickness would mean glueing 2 pieces together to make a moorhammer style slingshot,would it still be better to have a a ply or metal core.plus a bit of a liberty I know but have you a template for the moorhammer I can download? Any help appreciated,cheers mate

  3. What type of ink do you use to dye the wood. I really like the effect.

  4. Those dog wood slingshots are awesome how do I get one please let me know. Thanks a lot..