Sunday, April 29, 2012

Microscopes are fun!

I achieved great results by using a strong flashlight, shining in at different angles.

Here, the proboscis of a tick (that is the hollow sucking spear that the insect rams into your skin to suck the blood out of you):

Here is the leg of the tick:

And here is the eye of an ant:

I think it is amazing what this little 130 Euro microscope can achieve. The flashlight lighting brings out the colors and detauls - amazing!


  1. Thanks mate,going to have nightmares now after those photos !! Where's my insect repellant ??

  2. Hello, Jörg!
    I am a 26yo music producer from Brasil

    I shoot with slingshots for long time, and I used to be really good at it. I built my first one when I was 8, and later my very skillful late grandfather built me a beautiful and very powerful one out of the leftovers of a chair's metal foot.

    Some years ago I moved to a very big city, and the slingshot got either lost or stolen by the movers... and as in the city I wouldn't be able to shoot with it as much anymore, I simply let it go and never gave much thought about it again, never built another slingshot. It became just a childhood memory.

    I found your youtube channel some days ago and... I confess that I may have watched all your videos by now. Your passion for slingshots rekindled that which I felt when I was a kid, and brought back many good memories of my grandfather. And I thank you so sincerely for that.

    So I went over to the Milbro Pro Shot website to order myself a Moorhammer. It is a true masterpiece. The only thing that stopped me is that, once it's a metal piece that will be declared as such, brazilian federal laws tax it really high.. and it would end up a very prohibitive sum: The store's shipping costs to south america are absurd, and the Euro is already worth about 3x our currency. Taxes costs reach about 5x it's price. It would actually be as pricy as buying a plane ticket to UK.

    And although I feel that childhood memories are worth a lot more than that, I unfortunately don't live the life of a child anymore, and can't be so financially inconsequent and irresponsible.

    I was wondering if you have ever shipped something to Brasil, or if you still make wood Moorhammers. It would mean a lot to me.

    It would be a great honor to keep in touch with you, I became a true admirer and feel very grateful for the very important and beautiful part of my life that your passion helped rediscover.

    Hope to talk to you soon
    Your new friend and fan: