Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fork harvest

GEAR magazine (German version) plans to feature me in an upcoming issue. They will visit me next Wednesday, for a photo shooting about how to make a good natural slingshot from a wooden fork. The article will start with the "harvesting". Have done that today!

German forests have owners - and these guys don't appreciate others to come along and fell their trees. Therefore I used dead branches from shrub rather than live wood. And anyway I prefer the colors of decay in a thick natural!


  1. Joerg, I have just stumbled upon your videos the last couple of days and I love your show. It is very entertaining! I do not know much about slingshots at all, as to provide an useful discussion here, but I wanted to take the time to say I really love what you're doing. I hope you also find it satisfying knowing that you're entertaining a lot of people. Thanks again.

    Kurt from Michigan/US

  2. Mr.Sprave.i really wnted to ask you how you get such nice natural you just stroll around in the woods and stubmle upon them or do you have a specific the way, i am in canada, can you seggest a type of tree i should look for?