Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shooting thingies

I am planning to make a parody about myself. Also, a lot of fans have requested this. Who am I to ignore my fans?   :D

Therefore I made a new launcher. It has two shots, and is chambered for 28mm Destruction Inflicting Longitudinal Defense Object caliber missiles.

The ammo is available at amazon, just under 7 Euros a piece. They list it in the "drugstore" category.

See it on ebay Germany

I plan to lovingly shoot those into ballistic gelatin, both with the "motor" on and off to see if there is a difference in flight characteristics and... ahem... penetration.

First test shots tonite!


  1. That is so hilarious! Especially if you were to shoot it with that weapon you strap on.

  2. how much does each of those weigh?