Saturday, October 27, 2012

"The Flute"

Recently, I found some forks from a dead Sambucus bush (German: "Holunder").

Sambucus is very dense wood, but it always has a canal filled with the soft marrow. In dead Sambucus, this marrow is usually dust.

Made a slingshot from the first part.

As you can see, a thick fork - just the way I like it. You can see the marrow canal already!

Debarked it first.

Then, I sketched the slingshot frame onto the wood.

Then, I sawed out the rough shape.

Kept working on it until the file work and rough sanding was done. You can see the marrow canal!

I decided not to fill the cracks and the canal - simply because this looks very cool the way it is. Just oiled (raw linseed oil) and polished.

I called it "The Flute" for obvious reasons!

One of the nicest naturals I made so far.


  1. Beautiful slingshot, a true masterpiece, also looks very comfortable to hold. Do you heat the linseed oil before oiling the wood or just use is at room temperature? Best regards from Serbia, we all love you here Jorg. Take care. B.J.

  2. Room temperature - I apply it with a brush, several coatings. I start after the first rough sanding (80 grit), then the wood is still rough enough to soak the oil up.

  3. Thank you for such a fast reply, I really appreciate that. Take care. B.J.

  4. Maby that's a stupid question but are You selling Your slingshots Joerg?

  5. Looks very cool yea!Regards from Bulgaria!