Thursday, October 11, 2012

Slingshot for "Gear" magazine

The writer for the German "Gear" magazine visited yesterday.

The task was to do a photo workshop how to make your own slingshot from a natural fork, starting from scratch.

I picked up some chunky forks some days back, but then we settled for a quite ugly one from a dead dogwood tree I harvested on August 1, 2011.

So I turned it into a nice, albeit small frame while he took lots of pics. I used hand tools only.

The finishing is somewhat less perfect than usual, simply because we didn't have enough time (we only had a few hours total). But the slingshot came out rather nice!

We then let a few steel balls fly. He had his own one when he was a boy (didn't we all?), so he was hitting the target in no time.

I gave him the slingshot as a present, together with some 15mm steel balls. I hope he enjoys it - I am carefully optimistic though :)


  1. Nice slingshot, I really like the design, clean and just...nice.

    /Hubert / DrDoomic

  2. thats a nice slingshot for just a few hours work

  3. Hallo Jörg,
    ich hatte im April 2011 ans Gear Magazin geschrieben mit dem Hinweis einmal bei youtube deinen slingshotchannel anzuschauen. Offensichtlich fanden die das genauso interessant wie ich und haben ja dann einen tollen Bericht über dich gemacht.
    Viele Grüße aus dem Hunsrück