Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mini Pistol - now 51 lbs draw weight!

Added some more rubber - now it has 8cm of TBG per side, pretty serious. This is over 50 lb draw!

Still a toy... but of the scary type!


  1. how much rubber or how strong would it need to be for it to be as deadly as a gun?

    1. Well, the OSS made a slingshot pistol in the 50ies. It had 600 lb draw force, and was quite deadly. Still was much bigger than this one here.

      Deadly slingshots need a longer barrel. Short barrels = insanely thick rubber bands, not practical.

    2. My I ask perhaps use five shorter black rubber bands on each side? The black rubber bands that you should on your tour at the Trumark factory.

      Your truly Alverik

  2. Dear Jörg,
    if it is available online please give link to information and/or pictures of that OSS slingshot pistol, because my research only found your stuff :D
    An idea of a 600 lb slingshot pistol winds me up, however I'm more intrested in a rifle with that draw weight (20 mm speargun rubber seems to be interesting I would also love to see some more concepts of yours for that rubber some day)
    Thank you very much!

    1. @dontkillbees:
      You might want to check out here:
      and here:

      As Jörg already indicated too short drawlength do no good here.
      One can simply verify this by looking at the thick rubber of big joe :)

  3. By jazztuss.It Can't be any cooler! :D

  4. By jazztuss.what's "lbs"mean?

  5. lbs = draw weight in pound....

    Read here: