Sunday, March 7, 2010

3 new vids: Fish "Ergo2", next gen "W" + Carbon Fiber slingshot


three new videos today.

A review of the new Fish "Ergo2", in my opinion the best commercially available slingshot today.

Next, the new "W", smaller than the previous models due to the circular frame:

Last not least, the first Carbon Fiber slingshot ever:


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  1. Jorg,

    the new "W" design is a very clean, handsome design. Let me add that reading and viewing your YouTube channel on your various designs, I feel this one is quite promising. I was just reading that you had produced and generously sold at cost, 50 "compound" V designs that had some feedback regarding ergonomics. ( For those bacon hands! :-) ) This W design seems like it could be enhanced, if one chose, with some modeling clay around the handle as you demonstrated in one of your vids.