Friday, March 12, 2010

Thoughts about a "race gun" target slingshot

I am planning to make a target slingshot. So I spent some time thinking about what kind of features I want.

- Fork width: Freely adjustable between 40mm and 120mm
- Fork height: Freely adjustable between 20mm and 80mm
- Sights: Adjustable in vertical and horizontal direction
- Spirit level for perfect horizontal alignment
- Grip: Self centering, with ball bearings
- Weight: 1000 gramms or heavier (heavy = steady)
- Bands: Flat bands (easy pull = higher accuracy)
- Pouch: With center hole
- Ammo: .60" (15mm) steel balls

The slingshot that I have in mind will of course be strong enough for my most powerful bands, but in target mode, I will use much lighter setups.

Will be interesting!


  1. Gutentag Jorg!

    I have been following ( and catching up on old stuff) on your YouTube channel, and blog for several weeks now. And I have come up with a few questions I'd like to ask.
    1) Is there a ration you have noticed with arm length and band length, or is the ration between the size of the fork and the band length the more important measurement?

    Also, for target practice, is there a generally accepted ammo size and standard, distance from shooter to target? 10M, 15M?

    Thanks so much. Your channel is interesting, as it exhibits a refreshing enthusiasm along with an analytical and technical savvy.

    I have been hoping to get a translation for your satire videos as well!