Friday, March 5, 2010

Carbon Fibre Slingshot

Carbon Fiber is a truly exciting high tech material. It is extremely durable, tough and lightweight. It also looks stunning, absolutely beautiful.

This slingshot is made from that material, a 5 mm boardcut. Very hard to cut and also the dust is nasty (pure coal dust). The result is certainly worth the effort: Extremely thin, weighs less than half a chocolate bar ready for shooting (50 gramms, 800 grain, 0.11 lbs).

It is strong enough for monster bands!

The design is an "ergo" type, because of the thinness of the frame. It is held with the thumb and index finger on the fork, so there is no need for a "hammer" grip around the handle.

A spectacular slingshot, truly!

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  1. Is there a video for this one? it almost looks like something out of batman.