Sunday, March 14, 2010

5th gen "W": Lightweight, Powerful and Deadly

After the idea to use a steel ring as the basis for a self centering "W" slingshot proofed functional, I decided to reduce the weight. For this, I used an aluminum ring that I found on ebay (cheaply), originally a loudspeaker assembly spare part.

This design does not need welding gear, just standard tools. The grip is a 12mm threaded bolt, with the usual ball bearings and aluminum tube as the outer parts. The self centering works really well and avoid fork hits 100%.

It is a powerful slingshot, as powerful as the steel version, but at half the weight (400 gramms).

Since people love to see destruction, I shot at some pieces of fruit and recorded the impact at 1200 frames per second. Impressive!

Here is the video:

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