Saturday, April 3, 2010

Monster Slingshot!

As you know, I like Thera Band.

Especially the thinner variants (blue or black) have lots of power, very fast rubber. BUT you always have to layer it, fold it, whatever.

I wanted to make a slingshot that can take a full width (138 mm) Thera Band without any folding or layering. This of course means that it has to be freakin wide! A monster slingshot.

Of course I like low forks, so the angle between the fork arms had to be very very low.

And the clamp-on method is the only one that works. I made the clamp from a 10mm steel rod, and put Thera Tube yellow over it to increase the friction. This holds 100%, and band change is really easy.

The slingshot really shoots well. Best feature is that the bands never tangle, reloading is very very quick.

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