Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jörg Sprave "Cougar" now available!


this is to let you know that the video introduction of the first Jörg Sprave Dankung will come out this coming weekend.

The Chinese already put the product up on their website, here:

The Chinese made a stainless steel casting mould for the design! It took a long time to optimize everything, but it came out very nice.

Every slingshot is engraved with my signature and marked "Special Edition" or even "Limited edition" (the latter won't be available from Dankung, but sold by selected European and US dealers only).

The design allows "Over The Top" flat band attachment (works for all kinds of flat bands, including Hunterbands, Bill Herriman's and Flatband's fine products). But it also allows the classical "pretzel" tubular band attachment.

The product is polished to a high sheen, not chrome plated like some of the less elaborate models.

The product will be available right after the introduction.

To make that point clear, I am not financially involved in this. I gave the design to Dankung for free, and I sure hope they will sell a ton of slingshots. These guys are eager, reliable and committed.

Watch out for the video!


  1. Hallo, kann ich die Cougar irgendwo bestellen?

  2. i wanna say 1 thing your amazing i lover the vampierslaying bow(L) i gonna make 1my self my dad is gonna help my

  3. I am new to slingshots and am going to buy one of these cougar models. Looks very nice! I am also learning a lot from your blog and YouTube videos. :)

  4. Very nice deesign, but personally I like the "Panther" more, because of the nice style. Anyways both are fantastic models! I have a question: When is the next slingshot-giveaway? As I remember the last winner was a guy named "Andrew", its was nearly a week ago.
    Greets from Dortmund

  5. I enjoy watching your videos. I live in the U.S.A. Can you please tell me where to purchase the Panther and the Cougar? Thanks, Kevin.

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  7. Jorg;I think you may be as crazy as I am,,,maybe,,,,
    Keep on with that,tho,practise makes perfect. ;) Bob Zwanenburg,Alberta,Canada