Friday, April 23, 2010

Kydex pouch for lead shot

Got the 1mm Kydex today and made a pouch.

This works fantastic! I designed the pouch in a way that it can not fully open, just enough to let the 19mm lead ball out. This leads to very tight groups when I use lead shot! Even from 10 meters, several balls hit the air rifle target (which is small). At 5 meters, all of them are in the air rifle target.

I smashed an apple from 5 meters! No tissue bags whatsoever.

But it also shoots very good with lead balls.

The only issue: You either have to wear a glove or shoot it flipstyle. The pouch is not heavier than leather, but much harder, so a handslap might cause cuts, would hurt very much for sure.

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  1. Hi Joergen,
    Could give me a tip where to buy this 1 mm Kylex?