Monday, April 26, 2010

Video Review: Express Bands from Bill Herriman

Bill Herriman (aka "Texshooter") is one of the greatest slingshot expert of the world. He has many years of experience and won some very prestigious titles in tournaments.

He does offer various slingshot products, like his band sets. These sets are available in several versions, each one made from natural latex. He tapers the bands, for additional speed.

This is a review about his "express" bands, the strongest he sells. They have been attached to the "Cougar", a slingshot that can take any kind of bands on the market.

The results are impressive! A .38 cal. steel ball (9,5mm) flew with 80 meters per second (262 feet/sec), quite impressive.

The bands have a very nice, smooth draw, and the preformed pouch is simply excellent.

Bill Herriman can be reached at

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  1. Does anyone have a current email address for Bill?