Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hunting witches with the slingshot?

I love that fairy tale ever since my mother read it to me when I was a (small) boy. It has everything - desparation, betrayal, drama, cannibalism, fire and murder.

Read about it on wikipedia

The new Paramount movie "Hansel and Gretel - witch hunters" will soon make it's debut in theaters around the world.

Great plot - the children that killed the witch, 15 years later. Now they make a living doing what they learned back then - hunting witches. In Germany.

Look at the weapons - multi shot crossbows, steampunkish shotguns, even a gatling gun! Not historically fitting, but who cares - witches are fictional as well.
And look at how they kill witches - beheading them, or burning them down. Inspiring.

So I am thinking about designing rubber based weapons that  could be useful for witch hunting. Hmmm. I have a few ideas already...


  1. I can't wait! /Hubert

  2. Me too, I can't wait to see your new creations.

  3. Please Jorg, read at this page my comment:



  4. three triggers, rubber based weapon, designed to finish witches - must be a true German stake-thrower ("Scheiterhaufenwerfer") ...

    or whatever ... looking 4ward 2 c it asap! ;-)

  5. Well my guess is that its a crossbow On one trigger, one air powered weapon on the second trigger, and finally a slingshot that shoots a huge steel ball on the last trigger. That's my guess.

  6. Can u actually buy any of the slingshots or any other weapon that they make

  7. Okay, heres my guess:

    One of the three triggers will make it shoot something to cut the head of the evil mistress. This might be a sawblade, an XXXXL broadhead arrow, a part of a machete, or something like the Zombie Decapitator.

    The second trigger makes rubber press down the pump on the tirepump, soaking our witch with a flammable material.

    The third trigger shoots something thats already set on fire: This might be a steelball wrapped in paper, soaked in petrol or something, to ignite the monster. This doesnt have to be so powerfull(fast) because the steelball is not meant to directly do any damage. Because it doesnt have to travel very fast to be effective, a blow torch or something should have enough time to set it on fire before it leaves the crossbow. What better way to kill a witch than burning her to the ground?

    I dont know if youre allowed to guess more than once, but in case its illegal to shoot burning projectiles in Germany, my second guess is a two-shot crossbow like the one at 1:55 in the video, but of course powered by rubber. The first trigger makes the two crossbows swing to the sides, pointing "outwards" like in the trailer. The two other triggers (of course) makes the crosbbows shoot.

    Im really looking forward to next episode of the Slingshot Channel! :D

    //Failureisalwaysanoption from the Slingshot Channel Forum

  8. One sawblade launcher, one crossbow, and a massive witch cooking flame thrower!!!!! ;D

  9. Witchhunting slingshot? not that special at all. I've shot my mother in the head for several times.


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  13. The new Paramount movie "Hansel and Gretel - witch hunters" will soon ...