Monday, November 12, 2012

Spy Pistols!

These pistols are sweet.... small, powerful, versatile. See them shooting crazy ammo, like syringes... and see them skewering full cans of pineapple.

Here is the link to the pdf tutorial and blueprints... make sure that you are logged into my forum and google, plus turn off your popup blocker for my forum website.


  1. I have been waiting for this video. Pistols shoot really nice and they look great. I would really like to see how that syringe goes into the ballistic gel. That would be interesting to see.

  2. Yes, gel tests were planned for. But the weather did not allow it, sunlight is really called for - no artificial lamp can replace it.

  3. Have you ever thought of using spring coils instead of rubber? this two are awesome! i imagine a repetition model like the one that uses pencils

    1. Spring coild are not suitable for such compact weapons, they simply don't allow a long enough acceleration. Rubber can be stretched to 5,5 times the relaxed length, a spring maybe to 2,5 times.

  4. Hey , Joerg, can you make the same model, with the same size, but with... I don't know... some recharging automatic system?

  5. PS:I'm from brasil!
    I'm your biggest fan!! since 2009!!

  6. Hi Jörg,

    the pistols are impressive - as is your general work on the rubberband powered ehm, "stuff"...

    There is a similar approach by a japanese engineer - he used metal plates to build a rubberband-pistol with laser sight and everything:

    Hope you like this, best Sergej

  7. ich kann mir die pläne nicht ansehen, weil dein altes forum keine neuen nutzer mehr zulässt..
    können die links vielleicht aktualisiert werden oder wie könnte ich zugang dazu bekommen?