Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Thera Band Gold - An Improvement!

OK, here is some Chrony result.

6 degrees Celsius, so no records are to be expected.

12 kg draw weight on both bands,

2,8 x 1,8 x 23 cm two bands per side old TBG
3,8 x 2,4 x 23 cm two bands per side new TBG

15 mm steel:

old TBG 64-68 m/s
new TBG 67-71 m/s

16 mm lead:

old TBG 54 - 57 m/s
new TBG 56 - 59 m/s


The new TBG is slightly better than the old type (yipeee).

But of course you have to cut wider stripes (or use more layers) to get to the same draw weight.


  1. I'm relieved that the new one is better, even if it's just slightly better than the old one. But I've got two questions:
    1. Will you re-adjust the thera band gold calculator according to the new thera band?
    2. Why do I want to achieve more draw weight? I know that the more I stretch the bands under the less time, the more power I achieve. But the draw weight (according to me) is the force that's needed to draw the bands to a certain lenght, so why do I want to get the same draw weight as before?
    Regards / Hubert

  2. Me too, I'm happy that chrony has confirmed speed improvements on these new bands.