Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jason Voorhees's Pocket Knife

With a small delay, here is the official 2012 The Slingshot Channel Halloween Special!

I thought a folding machete would make a good Halloween weapon. I used a five Euro machete from my local discount hardware store, replaced the handle with a piece of marine grade plywood, then I made handle with a strong rubber powered blade blocking mechanism (Laguoile style).

It works quite good! The looong handle turns the machete into a far mor efficient weapon, and allows Zombie decapitations from a far longer distance.

As the blade does not fully lock (but won't accidentially fold), the knife can be carried in public here in Germany with no permit and for no specific reason.


  1. Wow, a machete for 5 euros? That's a very good machete for 5 euros.
    /Hubert - DrDoomic

  2. I agree with Hubert-DrDoomic, great EDC machete, Jason would be thrilled.

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