Monday, November 26, 2012

Stink Master 2000!

Stink bombs are standard issue items for naughty boys all over the world. These little glass containers are filled with chemicals designed to disgust. They smell so bad that usually, who ever throws them has to run away, too.

Based on an idea from a commenter,I added a new dimension to stink bombs - a specifically designed launcher, what else!

The "Stink Master 2000" is a breech loading pump action slingshot crossbow that can shoot a stink bomb 80 to 100 meters far - well outside of the reach of the smell. It allows the anonymous and stealthy usage of the fearsome objects.

Flying at 90 miles per hour, the stinky projectiles can also be shot with good accuracy... see for yourself.

As a bonus, a new version of the poison injecting arrow is shown. This time, it comes as a tip for full size arrows. See how cherry juice is ejected with tremendous pressure on impact of the heavy arrow!


  1. the pics here just made me think of a weapon fired by CONDOMS! lol, great work!!!

  2. Nice looking crossbow slingshot. I like the fine details like the brush that presses the bullet and that little magnet on the slide, nice touch. I really enjoyed the updated on the poison arrow. Thanks for the slow motion video, it’s awesome to observe how the liquid inside the brass tube reacts to impact. I’m impressed with its efficiency.

  3. I hope you soon make enough from your "passion" ie hobby to make it your full time income.

  4. Joerg: are you considering publishing plans or simple drawings for the Stinkmaster 2000? Or any of your other designs?

    I have immediate use for this tool. A source for the ammunition would be appreciated as well.


  5. I really really NEED the bluprints for this thing! Please post them somewhere and let me know!

  6. i would buy one

  7. You can post the blueprints JoergSprave please?