Sunday, May 6, 2012

The HammerKung

I love the Hammerhead design. It is simply the best. And I have made Hammerheads from multiplex, noble wood, with a metal core, and got it made by Hogancastings in Aluminum and Bronze. 

But there is one version that was left: A bent wire Hammerhead! So I started with an 8mm steel rod. Bent it into shape, welded the middle for stability, and welded onb some hex nuts as heads. Then, the absolutely necessary wrapping job, with thick 10mm paracord for the handle and regular cord for the fork. 

Secured the cord ends with a bit of epoxy. 

This has an excellent feeling to it now!


  1. I guess wrapping was necessary for the grip. But I actually like the functional/clean/barebone/no-nonsence look of the polished one more.

    The arms also seem to lean back a bit more as by the original hammerhead, but maybe I'm wrong. But I like it that way because it allows to point your hand more forward so that it relieves the wrist from strain.

  2. The fork is simply fixed a bit further back, one narrow radius less to bend.

    The 8mm rod is way to thin to be kept "naked" - maybe with a 15mm rod. But those are tough to bend, even in red hot condition, and expensive.

    You'd be surprised how well the thick rope works. Just the right amount of cushioning.