Friday, May 18, 2012


Someone suggested I try to find ways to weaponize household items. So I looked around, and found the knifes in the kitchen drawers.

While it is too obvious to attach a steak knife to a broom handle, I thought that maybe I can use a few of them to make a fearsome cross between a lawn trimmer and a chainsaw...

Bought a cheapo (30 bucks) battery powered drill on amazon, plus the steak knifes (one Euro a pop). Attached them to a round wood disk, then found the best transmission (1:2).

I will now experiment with the angles of the knifes, slant them back a bit so they slice rather than poke. And maybe I can find a faster drill. But this looks (and feels) amazing!


  1. 80% aller Männer sterben an Langeweile :D

  2. WoW.. Amazing ! I wish I could live next to your house really ! Here in my country there isnt people like you!


  3. Well, at least the belt to transfer the power is rubber. Definitely slant back the blades to maximize the serrated blade's cutting ability. Just never take it out of your yard or everyone seeing it and you, will run away in panic. :)

  4. Its these kind of videos when I realize why my wife wants to know where you live. She wants you for backup against the zombies when they attack...... thats what she says anyways... lol. I love watching your videos sir.