Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Moorhammer for beginners

I do get a lot of video and photo guys visiting me these days. At some point, they always want to try shooting by themselves...

However, my preferred slingshots aren't very good for newbies. They are afraid of hitting their hand, and also they cant the frame, hitting the fork.

Tomorrow, I will have some press people again, and they definetely want to shoot. So I made a "starters" Moorhammer, simply with higher and wider fork. Multiplex, noble wood is not for beginners... one fork hit and a vintage slingshot is ruined. Multiplex can always be repaired.

Finish is oiled and polished, no problem with sweaty palms. The frame can be trimmed back to a full blown Moorhammer as soon as the owner feels comfortable with that.

This may be the best "intro" frame I came up with so far!


  1. What a nice idea, widening the forks. I have been raising the forks, but that makes it harder for the beginner to hold properly. Thanks again Joerg!


  2. The fork is wider AND higher. 11 cm horizontal clearance and 4 cm vertical clearance.

  3. Some time ago I had to make slingshots for a game with first-time shooters. I posted them on the forum. I made them somewhat higher then my own. But they still felt a bit uncomfortable, and not for nothing! When examining the forks afterwards, the hits of the 2cm. marbles were scarily close to where the hands are. And we shot with huge marbles

    Even though I gave the group a short instruction before about having a relaxed grip and stretch and release and flipping the wrist a bit. One just can't trust beginners to do that right away.

    I'm interested in what a wider fork does.

    1. The wider fork makes it easier for beginners to avoid canting the frame. The pull of the bands centers a wide frame far better. Fork hits will occur much less often.

  4. Joerg hello I am Mike C i have been enjoyin all of your videos and have turned my friends on to your genius !!!!!! most are in awe of your creationss as am i . you arent leaving youtube are you just the slingshot channel blog site ? ! i will miss your awesome videos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mike C, not to worry, The Slingshot Channel is here to stay. I have only left the slingshotforum. But I have my own forum now, so there is no loss really.

  6. I have recently found your channel on youtube and I have been amazed since the first click. I knew you could get some power behind a slingshot but nothing like you have demonstrated. I am definetly an admirer Sir. I especially like how you can make something that dangerous look so beautiful.

  7. Hi Joerg -
    I am new to slingshots and to your website. My two boys (ages 9 and 6) love to watch the cool things you post on youtube. I would like to try to make a beginner Moorhammer, but wondered if you could perhaps give a few more measurements. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  8. I am jazztuss . Delicate slingshot! According to your video , you designed it to a slingshot company! WOW you are famous!!

  9. 64 years old and I found a sling shot at a gun show without any rubber. I see that I need to use flat latex rubber bands but what size and how to mount them and what to use for a ball pocket I haven't the foggiest idea.Any videos out there of instructions for a REAL beginner would be very helpful.