Saturday, May 26, 2012

Me - A Syfy "Homebrewed Superhero"

The SyFy channel has a new show called "Insane or Inspired".

Well, they featured The Slingshot Channel in the first episode, which aired Friday nite. I cam in at number 6, from 25!

Of course they brought the machete slingshot...

You can watch it here:

For those who don't live in the US (like me), the content is blocked. I solved that problem by using a free VPN proxy server called "Hotspot Shield".

I like the show... crazy characters and funny comments.


  1. hello, does this video are showing in youtube ? or elwhere ?
    nice day

  2. You shouldn't let them use your videos if you are not able to acces their show.

    I'm growing sick of all those limitations because i'm not from the US.

  3. I don't know, copyright laws are complicated and in need of overhauling, now that we live in the global village. That isn't just a US problem.