Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Lignum Vitae" Natural Fork

Thierry from New Caledonia traded three beautiful "Tree Of Life" forks and a block of sandalwood against a Panther. He calls the wood "Gaiac", which makes perfect sense.

I think I got the far better deal here. This wood is very hard (three times harder than oak), dense and heavy, with buttery yellow sapwood and a very dark core. I selected the one I wanted to start working on.

Cut the rough outline on the band saw.

Rasp work done.

File work done.You can see the yellow sap wood emerging.

Sanded, wetted, resanded, lightly oiled with clear oil, and buffed up with car chrome polish

Here you can see it in comparison with European dogwood

A small slingshot (just the way I like it) that fits my hand very well.


  1. Awesome, good job Jörg, i am very happy to see that you have make with the forks I sent to you.

  2. schön geworden.
    denkst du nicht der ast genau an der dünnsten stelle schadet der statik?

  3. If it's three times harder than oak, then it seems like a perfect wood for sling-shots if they can turn out as nicely as this one you've made. Now, what to do with the sandalwood? :)

  4. am i too late for the giveaway free slingshot jw!?
    i am sadden that you have to quit. i just started watching most of your videos and was very entertained by the crazy slingshots. i am new to slingshot and when i was young i have always wanted one. i hope your still making videos on youtube. good luck joerg

  5. I have no plans to close my flourishing youtube channel. Check out my forum, there is a huge contest going on (the Zodiac Sign Contest) with many opportunities.

    1. oh i heard u said u had to close your job so your not leaving anymore!?
      how do i get to your forum!?
      can u link me the url!?

      thanks a lot and i like your display picture looks a lot like you lol .^_^

  6. Hi, sorry i'm new and i am searching a way to ask a couple of question to Joerg !
    there is an Email, or a forum to talk to him?
    really thanks, bye!

    PS: my Email is

  7. hi slingshooters, if some one of yours want to trade with me for this natural wood fork give me a MP

    ps : of course, with your permission jörg i use your forum ;-)

  8. Sure, Thierry! My forum is a good place for things like trades and discussions.

    The forum can be found through my homepage,!