Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Purple Hammer

I gave my Moorhammer to Peter Hogan, and my Palmhammer to Tobias... so I just had to make another one from cool looking wood.

I selected Purple Heart (Amaranth). I love that wood, hard, dense and strikingly colored.

Here it is!


  1. I hear you have to be careful about exposing the amaranth to UV, something about it turning more of a brownish color. A friend of mine is building a guitar out of the wood and was looking for some kind of UV blocking lacquer to help it maintain its color. Do you know anything about this?

  2. good job, nice finishing !!


  3. I made a nice Amaranth shooter about two years ago.


    It still is very red! Turned a bit darker after a few days and stayed the same till then.

  4. Great looking! Is this from your noble woods you ordered some time ago? Beautifully crafted, Joerg. You do good work.

  5. that is really awesome,
    but could you make a video
    about it?

    thanks Jorg

  6. Lord Robere, yes, it is from my ever dwindling stash of noble woods.

    carts, it makes an appearance in my latest vid.

  7. Did you ever have a pdf of this style of SS?

  8. Hey... Great design but I have a question, is the blueprint provided below the picture the corresponding one cause it seems kinda different from the model. I want to make this slingshot for a gift, could you please answer me. Thank you for everything

  9. Can u please make a Pdf of the Hammerheaf Slingshot design?