Saturday, July 14, 2012

Assegai Launcher!

Have made a huge crossbow today, chambered for the Cold Steel Short Assegai (actually the long version will fit, too).

See the Assegai on the Cold Steel homepage

Basically, a supersized version of the throwing knife shooter.

Total length is 220 cm (7,2 ft), weight is 8 kg (18 lb). A monster!

In order to master the huge draw weight (about 200 lb) and draw length (power stroke is 130 cm = 51"), you wrap the rope that is attached to the muzzle around a tree and lock the rope with a carabiner. Then you take the weapon between your legs and walk backwards, until the string locks in place.

Then you secure the front "tree" rope and load the Assegai from the muzzle side.

The power is absolutely phenomenal. It went clean through the double straw mat (that holds back arrows shot from 70 lb compound bow), and stuck in the wooden shed wall. It fire WAY harder than you can possibly stab or throw the weapon.

I think this is about the biggest crossbow that is still somewhat portable! Great fun. Will do the video tomorrow.


  1. Hey Jorg,
    I have two questions,I'm not complaining but I'm just curious as to why you speak and type in english when you come from Germany?
    And also what happened to the huge cut on your hand when your rooftop zombie killer misfired? I bet there is a massive scar!
    Cheers, Mercury

    1. Mercury, I use the English language in order to reach a broader audience.

      The cut healed nicely. There is a scar, of course, but I don't mind it, carry it with pride.

  2. Jorg, you are OFFICIALLY INSANE! btw that is one hectic launcher : )

  3. Here is a thought! A three barrel crossbow, Two barrels to shoot the throwing knives, and one massive barrel for the Zulu Spear. By the way, I sure miss your PDF drawings of your inventions.


  4. HELLO!
    I have a question.
    Could I ask to you?
    How to count the band's length and width with the ammo's weight?

  5. top - machen wir ne neue Bundeswehr - preiswert aber effektiv

  6. A suggestion for a "Mark II" version would be to make it shoulder mounted, similar to a rocket launcher/ bazoooka. It would be easier to aim and shoot resting on top of your shoulder with the trigger on the top of the weapon.