Saturday, July 7, 2012

A trade with a great knife maker!

I recently got a message from Geoffroy Gautier, a master knife maker from France. He suggested a trade - and looking at the guy's website convinced me immediately.

Look at Geoffroy's site here!

I asked for a large knife (always my preference), and it so happened that he had the perfect blade for me. He used Wenge for the handle, very pretty! Can't wait for the parcel to arrive.

It is hard to come up with a worthy slingshot that matches this masterpiece... he is a slingshot newbie, so I selected a Panther frame (fork hits won't destroy the steel), and attached a "hammer" handle made from red cedar.

This came out great - one of the most comfortable handles I made so far. 

I still feel a bit bad because I think I got the more valuable product, but Geoffroy does not think so. Great guy for sure. 

Will make several different band sets for him!


  1. Its a great knife but i do think they are both the same valua, Making a knife is bit more easy then a slingshot. Still its a great deal for both sides. Love the wedge but love the red cedar too :)
    All the best.

  2. the knife looks great and your slingshot does to joerg
    I really love the grip on both the knife and slingshot

  3. Both knife and slingshot look fantastic...a very fair trade I would say. I wish I had the ability to craft a handle like that!! Keep up the good work!