Monday, July 23, 2012

New crossbow: Bullpup design, full length arrows

Bullpups always fascinated me. There is something elegant and minimalistic about these weapons - plus, they are compact, but without any compromises regarding their performance.

Made a new one this weekend, and I am quite happy with the result!

One of the forum members made a list of my "best crossbows" - he features 30 different weapons. I did not realize how many crossbows I made these last few years! But this one ranks high on my own list for sure.

The video also features Geoffroy's knife and also a test of "Shaka Zulu's wet dream" against the body armor. Guess who won? :)


  1. Hi, How are you doing? Just came across your channel! I really Love handmade items! I hope you make more and share them on YouTube!

    Greetings from the Netherlands.


    p.s. I think my dad would like your site to!

  2. Have you shot it over your chronograph yet? Would be interesting to see what kind of velocities you get with various types of arrows...

  3. excellent your bloog and your videos... I really expected the "how to do" of the bullpup crossbow ... is very fun to watch and it's great to have a guide to doing it, yourself.

    continues to invent new great weapons with slingshot. greetings from Venezuela.

  4. please do a how to build the bullpup crossbow video.
    Mush aprechiacation for what you do God bless.

  5. Can you PLEASE do a build-a-long for this??

  6. Greetings from the pacific island of Nauru which is 1hr North of Fiji Islands along the equator. I came across your site on youtube searching for how to build a short speargun that can shoot a metal shaft 4 or 5mm in diameter or less than the conventional speargun shafts, and about 1 meter long. The shaft is from one of the big colourful beach umbrellas. We have used rubber from motor vehicle/cycle tubes by cutting flat strips but it often snaps after sometime? I wish to know if you can apply this to your bullpup crossbow design? Do you think the thinner shaft will work, and will be faster and reduce the rate of drop in the water making it more accurate to hunt fish than those on the market? As you may have guessed materials can be hard to come by so maybe you might consider this a challenge. Lastly, have you ever used the guava tree for your slingshots our elders used it because it wouldn't snap and slings to hunt birds for food? Thanks I really enjoy your work and your designs.

  7. please make blueprints

  8. can you please make some blue prints to this, i have tried making it myself and have had no luck, i love your channel and have watched every video you have put up so far but your bullpup crossbow has to be my favorite i do a lot of archery myself and love anything that shots arrows, please i beg of you please make some blue prints or a how to video, thanks

  9. Is there anyway i can get some blueprints if i give you my email